FreeForms - Financial Online adding forms
FreeForms - Financial is free for financial advisors to use.

Mutual fund companies and dealerships have the ability to add forms to the free version.  A yearly fee is associated with adding forms to the software.  There are 2 options available for adding forms.  The pricing depends on who should be able to see your forms.  

Yearly cost per form

Mutual Fund companies (allows all advisors access to forms)


Dealerships (limits access to only their dealer advisors)


The costs include activating the forms to work with the e/Forms software.  An Import Data button will be added to the forms, so that data can be populated from the supported Contact Management software.  Also included in the yearly fee are updates to the form for the year. 

For more information regarding adding forms please contact  ScanTech Toll-Free at 866-709-9666.