Getting started with ScanTech e/Forms Online

ScanTech e/Forms is a software utility for financial planners. The simple principle behind e/Forms is its ability to electronically complete forms using the internet and your local contact management database. 

The initial interface of ScanTech e/Forms will be the following 'Client Information' window. This window enables you to link to your contact management database and search and export client profile information.

(sample screenshot)

Select the appropriate contact management program under the Database tab.
Many forms have representative information that should appear, including dealer name, dealer number and contact telephone numbers.  This information can be set up in the User Info tab. 
The main interface after this initial setup is the Search tab. Under this tab is a searchable listing of contacts/clients that are in your contact management software.

The steps to get data onto the form(s) are:
- Select a client from the list
- Click the Export Data button.
- Bring the relevant form(s) on the screen either from your hard drive or from the Internet.
- Click the Import Data button to automatically populate the form.


Client Information Window

This button will also activate the Client Information window.  Also can be accessed through the menu, File/Client Info/Search.


There are two ways to access forms, either from the web or from the local hard drive.

Access the forms from the internet. (connection to internet required).  The same window opens through the menu selecting File/Internet Forms Browser

Access downloaded forms from your local hard drive. In the menu, select File/Work Offline.

Import/Export Data

The first step to getting data onto a form is to export it.  This is done through the Search tab in the Client Information window. Select a client, press the Export Data button.  On the bottom left of the program , there should be a message stating Last Profile Exported:, and then the client's name.  The second step to importing data on a form.  Once a form is selected, press the Import Data button.

This button will fill out fields in the form for the last profile that was exported.

Downloading forms to your local hard drive (for off-line use)

In order to download forms, you need to be connected to the internet.

Initially the program has no forms on the hard drive.  The forms can be downloaded to your local hard drive for quicker, off-line usage.

Warning: For the program to recognize the downloaded the forms, they must be saved to either the root directory of the program (i.e. 'C:\Program Files\ScanTech eForms Online\') or the 'Forms' subfolder within.

There are two ways in which forms can be downloaded, either individually or as batches under company folders.

Individual forms are downloaded through the web browser interface.  Simply right click on a form link, and select the option Save Target As... option. Do not change the filename and save the file to the root directory of the program or the forms subfolder within the root directory.

To view downloaded forms, you will need to restart ScanTech e/Forms and press the Work Offline button or select File/Work Offline in the menu.

For more information please refer to the help files in the program.  Through the menu select Help/Help/User's Guide.